In 2013, the Access Communications Children’s Fund reached a milestone: $1,000,000 donated to organizations around Saskatchewan that benefit at-risk and in-need children.

A million dollars is significant for a number of reasons, with the most important ones also being the most obvious. This landmark for our charitable organization means that – with your help – we have been able to assist and empower youth of all ages, ensuring that boys and girls from across our province are afforded opportunities that every child deserves. For us, this is motivational enough to say that $1,000,000 is just the start.

There are children in our communities who go to bed hungry. There are also many who cannot read, and even more whose health, security and well-being are below any reasonable standard of living. The phrase ‘We can and must do more’ has never seemed more appropriate, which is why the Children’s Fund needs your help.

By donating to our registered charity, you are doing more than just combating the shameful conditions many of our province’s children find themselves in – you are giving them a reason to smile.

Please, donate today.

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