The Access Communications Children’s Fund Inc. is a registered charity that contributes support to youth-based, not-for-profit organizations and charities. The Fund only supports projects in communities served by Access Communications Co-operative that are directed at children at risk or in need.

Projects should address at least one of the following four focus areas:

Health & Well-Being Of Children & Youth with a focus on programs which address:
a. the mental and physical well being of children in need
b. children with diverse abilities

Education & Literacy: programs that help improve educational performance

Poverty: initiatives that create pathways out of poverty and provide for the relief of poverty and suffering of children and youth

Crime Prevention: initiatives that discourage youth crime

Applicants that receive funding must be a registered non-profit or charitable organization. The Children’s Fund will not be the sole funder of any project and will not fund the same project for more than three consecutive years.  Only one application per year will be considered.

The Children's Fund does not support funding to the following:
  • Individuals or initiatives for youth over the age of 18
  • Research, scholarships, loans, endowments
  • Fundraisers, auctions, travel costs, workshops or conventions
  • Organizations offering services that are exclusive in nature
  • Salaries, utilities, building maintenance and other organizational operating expenses; goodwill advertising or printing costs
  • Capital building projects or uncompleted projects
  • Political organizations
  • Provincial chapters of national charities
  • For-profit” children’s organizations such as private day cares
  • Same organizations for more than three consecutive years

Applications may be submitted throughout the year for consideration by the Fund’s Board of Directors.