A Fundraising Opportunity That Will Have Your Team Screaming


The Access Communications Children’s Fund TV Bingo Fundraising Program is open to organizations in communities served by Access Communications Co-operative that meet at least one of the following four focus areas:

1.    Health & Well Being of Children and Youth with a focus on programs which address:

  • The mental and physical well-being of children in need
  • Children with “diverse” abilities

2.    Education and Literacy

  • Initiatives that help improve educational performance

3.    Poverty

  • Initiatives that create pathways out of poverty and provide for the relief of poverty and suffering of children and youth

4.    Crime Prevention

  • Initiatives that discourage youth crime

The following organizations may be eligible for the programming
(See Eligibility Requirements for additional information):

  • Charitable and/or religious organizations
  • Sports organizations
  • Youth organizations

The following organizations are NOT eligible for the programming:

  • Individuals or initiatives for youth over the age of 18
  • Organizations offering services that are exclusive in nature
  • Political organizations
  • Provincial chapters of national charities
  • “For-profit” children’s organizations such as private daycares
  • Organizations that have not been in existence for a minimum of 6 months

For further information on the Access Communications Children’s Fund or TV Bingo please contact us at:
Access Communications Children’s Fund
2250 Park St. Regina SK S4N 7K7
Phone: 306.565.6642 Toll Free 866.211.6334 ext. 6642
Fax: 306.565.5395


Thank you for applying to the Access TV Bingo Fundraising Program. In order to be considered for the program, we require you to provide the following information. Please answer each question fully but briefly.

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