TV Listings and Broadcast News channels

Get a 15-second billboard ad or 30-second full-motion spot that appears above the television listings and news headlines. Your message runs up to a minimum 48 times per day, 336 times per week—now that's frequency!

   TV Listings • Channel 13

68%1 of AccessTV subscribers tune in to the TV Listings channel everyday, averaging 15 minutes per day spent looking at the television listings and
your ads.  

  Broadcast News • Channel 19

Current and up-to-date news including current events, breaking news, sports, lifestyles, celebrity news and much more.  

Benefits of using TV Listings and Broadcast News Channels

  • Full colour advertisements
  • Artwork can be easily changed and updated
  • Ads make up 50% of the screen
  • Ads run 48 times per channel per day  

Who you'll reach 

  • Here's a little bit about the people your message will reach:
  • Connect with up to 75,000 Saskatchewan homes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Over 5,000 hotel rooms across the province
  • 56% of cable viewers turn to TV Listings every day
  • 50% of those viewers have purchased a product as a result of a TV Listings ad
  • Adults 18-54 (skewing 18 to 34 & female)
  • 70% employed
  • Household incomes from $40k to $100k
  • Primary single or childless couples
  • 82% have access to the Internet

NOTE: Full-motion not available in all markets