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Imagine the Possibilities

Learn more about the departments responsible for our success.

Our Departments

We offer exciting opportunities in many roles and departments. Find out more information about departments responsible for our success and imagine the possibilities.

Customer Care

Not all heroes wear capes. We know for a fact that some wear headsets! Our incredible provincial Customer Care team loves doing anything they can to save the day, taking ownership and going the extra mile to make things right over the phone, on our digital platforms or in one of our retail shops. Access believes in providing job opportunities all across the province. That’s why we have Call Centres at all nine of our offices, fielding questions from customers in the hundreds of communities we serve all across Saskatchewan. Giving those customers the absolute best service is one of our core values — and the heroes in Customer Care make it happen every day! Technology may have changed a lot in over 40 years, but our knowledgeable and friendly service will never go out of style. Roles in Customer Care include Customer Service Representative, Internet Support Representative, Reception, Senior and Team Leaders.


The best technology supported with trusted customer service!

Technical (Field) Operations

Providing Saskatchewan people with the very best technology means investing in the very best infrastructure — and the very best technicians. Our friendly, knowledgeable team install and service TV, Internet, Phone and Security Services in both residential homes and commercial businesses all over Saskatchewan. In the past year, our technicians upgraded equipment in more than 100,000 homes and businesses, providing leading-edge technology while keeping customers smiling and carpets clean! For us, the safety of our employees is top priority. We believe in Mission Zero: zero injuries, zero fatalities and zero suffering. Roles in Technical (Field) Operations include Cable TV Broadband Technician and Wireless Broadband Technician.

Network Services & Internal Support 

Keeping Internet (broadband and fixed wireless), Home Phone, Hosted PBX, SDV Television, Web and Email Hosting and Digital Television all running smoothly and reliably in more than 235 communities all across Saskatchewan — this is the job of our dedicated Network Services team. And they make it look easy! And when our employees need help with their computers, phones, files, printers, servers, you name it, our Internal Support team comes to the rescue. These tireless techies are our miracle workers (no question seems to stump them — and we’ve tried!) Roles in Network Services & Internal Support include System Operator, Network Analyst, Network Architect and System Architect.

Headend & Plant Maintenance Headend

Our digital headends are the control centres that deliver services to the more than 235 communities we serve across Saskatchewan — and our technicians are the humans who use their brilliant heads to keep those headends working!

Plant Maintenance

Our highly skilled and self-motivated techs keep an eagle eye on conditions across the province, taking preventative measures to make sure our customers never see an outage. If ever there is an issue, they work 24/7 to ensure services are restored quickly, no matter what kind of weather Mother Nature is throwing at us. Both teams have to work closely together to achieve goals and metrics of excellence and, in most cases, are learning each other’s jobs to become more productive and efficient. Roles include Network Technician and Maintenance Technician.

Service Assurance Centre

The people of the Service Assurance Centre are responsible for the proactive monitoring, surveillance, provisioning and management of all Access Communications Co-operative services, ensuring outstanding performance and delivery to all of our customers (in other words, they’re kind of a big deal!) Like the Mission Control of Access, this department is our central point of communication and always has a pulse of what is happening across the province.


It’s like air traffic control — without the air. Our dispatch team dispatches work to all of our field staff provincially, monitoring and adjusting booking times to ensure we always deliver the first-rate customer service Access is famous for!

Marketing & Sales


Our Sales professionals are responsible for the growth and profitability of both our residential and commercial products and services.

Residential Sales

Our team of outbound telephone sales and door-to-door sales representatives focus on bringing new residential customers into the Access family.

Commercial Sales

Our commercial sales team makes sure our customers have the right Internet, TV and Phone services they need to better their business, staying in touch after the sale to help them keep growing. Roles in Sales include Telesales Representative, Direct Sales Representative, Team Leader, Commercial Sales Executive and Advertising Sales.

Marketing & Graphic Design

From the little cable company that served only one city to providing Internet, TV, Phone and Security monitoring to more than 235 communities and rural areas across Saskatchewan, Access has quite the story. And our imaginative Marketing team works with folks inside and outside Access to tell that story and make sure people want to be part of it. From brand management and advertising to product development, interactive media and research, there’s never a dull moment! Roles include Graphic Designer, Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Consultant and Administrative Assistant. 

Community Programming (AccessNow TV)

Thanks to the combined efforts of our staff, members, customers and volunteers, Access has built a reputation second-to-none for community involvement. Nowhere are these efforts more evident than on our AccessNow TV community channels, where families, friends and neighbours celebrate life in our great province! And Access is committed to improving that life. Hundreds of volunteers donate their time and talents to AccessNow TV community channels, creating thousands of hours of original programming each year. It truly is a labour of love and Access is honoured to be able to provide a place for communities to connect. Roles include Producer, Production Assistant, Community Calendar Co-ordinator, Master Control Operator and Administrative Assistant.

Business Office

Our Business Office is comprised of many departments (and talented people in them!) taking care of day-to-day operations and long-term planning of the company.

Finance and Administration

These are the people who manage the money. So, as you can imagine, everybody’s extra nice to them! ;) They plan, organize, audit, account for and control the finances at Access. They are also responsible for producing our financial statements and keeping the records for our charitable endeavours: the Access Communications Children’s Fund and TV Bingo. Roles include Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Accounting Clerks, Sr. Accountant, Internal Auditor, Business Analyst and Collections Representatives.

Human Resources & Safety

The humans of Human Resources are responsible for hiring the wonderful people who work at Access. We’re involved in labour relations, training and development, recruitment, engagement, and making sure everyone receives proper compensation and benefits. We are the people people! We also believe in Mission Zero. For us, the safety of our employees is top priority. We’re also the coolest department. (Hey, we’re writing these profiles, so we figure we can slip that in!) Roles include Human Resources Consultant, Payroll and Benefits Consultant and Safety Officer.

Project Management

The PMO (that’s Project Management Office, not Prime Minister’s Office!) oversees projects at Access and ensures those projects gel with our business strategy. Their goal is to monitor project performance, prioritize work and standardize how we deliver projects so we can consistently report great results.


Our Communications team is responsible for keeping our employees and customers in the loop on all things Access. They truly are our voice and face, maintaining our brand, promoting our products and services and letting people know about all the good work we’re here to do every day. (Thanks, guys!)

Drafting & Design

Our Drafting & Design team craft plans for residential, commercial and headend projects across our hybrid Fibre/Coax network and the construction prints that go along with them. You know those people who like to put things together without looking at the instructions? These are not those people. Roles include Construction Operations Specialist, Draftsperson, Design Technician, Sr. Design Technician and Building, Industry and Construction Specialist.


These fine people make sure all of our buildings, grounds and vehicle fleets are safe and sound for our employees. They may be behind the scenes, but their work never goes unnoticed or appreciated!

Supply Chain & Warehousing

Our Warehouse & Purchasing team are responsible for all of Access’s procurement, shipping and receiving across the province. They manage the movement of inventory from our central warehouse in Regina to all of our offices and stores across Saskatchewan. No small feat! Roles include Inventory Clerk and Purchasing, Shipping and Receiving Clerk.