Access Communications Scholarships

We feel strongly about giving back to local youth who volunteer their time to improve their communities. As a 100% Saskatchewan-owned, not-for-profit co-operative, social responsibility is at the forefront of everything we do.

Our Access Communications Scholarship Program grants $1,000 to 20 Saskatchewan high school graduates every year. Our Access Communications Fred Wagman Entrance Scholarship in Film & Video supports aspiring filmmakers at the University of Regina. And we also award scholarships to students in Sask Polytech’s Computer Networking Technician and Telecommunications Network Technician certificate programs.  

Since 2005, we’ve proudly awarded over $340,000 in scholarships, helping 1,320 students go after their dreams!

About the Program

We are happy to announce that our Scholarship Program has been refreshed. Access Communications will be accepting the applications, reviewing and choosing the top applicants throughout the province.

The Access Communications Scholarship will be awarding $1,000 to 20 graduating students who demonstrate exemplary community involvement.

Applicants must have demonstrated record of volunteerism in the community in non-school sponsored activities; participation in extracurricular school activities; demonstrated leadership skills; academic achievement and have the endorsement of their school guidance counsellor or principal.

How to Apply

Submit a complete application package no later than Thursday, April 9, 2020, at 4:00 p.m.

If you have questions about the program, please contact Beth Drozda at 306-565-5343, or 1-866-211-6334, ext. 5343. Email or contact your regional manager.

*The recipient must be a Saskatchewan resident and intend to pursue post-secondary education.

2019 Scholarship Recipients


"As a young person, I find that my passion to better the community heavily stems from seeing the results of what trying to pursue good in the community looks like. I believe that a purpose behind your work is necessary because it shapes a leader and helps to perfect an avenue of life that many can benefit from."

Abdurrahman Etagiuri
Regina - Campbell Collegiate

"Volunteering for me is not work, it is my leisure time. It truly decreases my stress and helps me to feel as though I have a purpose on this Earth. I believe I was put on this world to volunteer my time as much as I can, because I have a very big heart for my community and the people in it. "

Allysa Woodrow
North Battleford - John Paul II Collegiate


"In a small town like Ituna it can be hard to come across volunteer opportunities, but I have found vast opportunities to show my support. I volunteer my time around the community because it gives me a purpose to give back in my community and to make a difference to the people around me."

Brooklyn Lutzko
Ituna - Ituna School


"Volunteering is an important aspect of my life and one I continue to develop. I volunteer because I genuinely care about the wellbeing of others and giving back to the community that has shaped me into the person I am today. That person is a small town girl striving to create big opportunities. Rural areas often lack in the amount of opportunities that an urban area may have, but it definitely hasn’t stopped me from challenging myself to pursue my goals and create opportunities to give back."

Haley Bilokraly
Wadena - Wadena Composite High School


"Two years ago, I took over the Learn to Curl program in Hodgeville. I wanted to provide the same opportunities to younger kids that I had experienced, in hope that they may learn more about the sport and learn to love it as well. I also volunteer with my local 4-H club, most recently as President. I offer direction, help and leadership to younger members. It is lots of fun and very rewarding to watch the young members in the show ring."

Hillary Sauder
Hodgeville - Hodgeville High School


"Volunteering has taught me to put others first. Being able to give my time to help others is what I live for. Volunteering is a good way to build bonds and relationships with new people. I love teaching and watching children learn. It is the smallest things that make the biggest difference for someone else."

Jaycie Pouliot
Leoville - Leoville Central School


"I volunteer because it is humbling, rewarding and empowering. I believe it strengthens me as a person and impacts my community. My community is impacted by poverty, addictions and racism, which creates barriers that many have to overcome in order to meet their full potential. I aim to help my community tear down barriers and help improve the quality of life for all people."

Julianna Raabel
Kamsack - Kamsack Comprehensive Institute


"I am always willing to volunteer my time to help my community and school. I learned the importance of volunteering from my parents and grandparents who volunteer many hours to local organizations. Volunteering makes me feel a sense of pride and accomplishment."

Karlee Andres
Langenburg - Langenburg Central School


"I volunteer to help those less fortunate, to give back to the community and to make a difference in the community. Volunteering gives me a sense of accomplishment; it allows me to build my leadership skills and be a positive role model. Volunteering has inspired me to do even more for the causes I care about and to be more involved in the community."

Kayley Grant
Regina - Luther College High School


"Because of others’ generosity and volunteer efforts, I have grown into a contributing and positive citizen. This has developed into a desire to give back to my community. My mentors and coaches have encouraged me and by sharing the skill I have developed, I am helping to build a safe and positive community, full of courteous, active and involved youth."

Kyle Kirzinger
Viscount - Viscount Central School


"I take pride in volunteering in the FIP classroom and helping students with disabilities. I volunteered in the classroom for five semesters at WCS. I also worked for Social Services with the cognitive disability strategy as a mentor and support worker."

Landon Field
Weyburn - Weyburn Comprehensive School


"I find volunteering a very rewarding and eye opening experience. I enjoy interacting with the public and helping them in multiple ways. Volunteering makes me feel connected and closely involved in my community. It allows me to try new things, expand my realm of comfort to new ideas and activities as well as giving back to my community."

Madison Klenk
Melfort - Melfort and Unit Comprehensive Collegiate


"I’m a firm believer that it only takes one person to make a difference, and that is exactly what I aspire to do. Volunteering has a way of uniting a community together to enrich the lives of its members, which is why I chose to volunteer within my hometown."

Madison Zandee
Estevan - Estevan Comprehensive School


"One of the reasons as to why I volunteer is because it offers me the chance to give back to my community and hopefully make a positive difference. What many people don’t understand is that volunteering doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but instead, something you do with your whole heart and have a passion for. Volunteers are needed everywhere. I grew up with this mentality and started volunteering at a young age. I plan to continue as I move into my next chapter."

Mallie Poulin-Vandale
Leoville - Leoville Central School


"Every small town needs its volunteers and I am proud to continue the tradition that towns across Canada have built on. The heart and soul of a small town is its volunteers. I believe that if you want to see things succeed you need to put the time and effort into them. I come from a family of volunteers. My father, brother, sister and I are all volunteer fire fighters. "

Maranda Foster
Indian Head - Indian Head School


"As a volunteer in the Youth Volunteer Program at the Dekker Centre, I was able to use my technical skills and knowledge to work on productions that came to the city. I was also given the opportunity to attend the Canadian Student Leadership Conference in 2018, and I can say that it was the best opportunity of my life. It was at this conference that I realized that want to help people in my career."

Nolen Timmerman
North Battleford - North Battleford Comprehensive High School


"In small towns, people often help others and I believe that having a helping hand is one of my best qualities. When I volunteer at the Bow Valley Villa I enjoy walking into the building and seeing everyone’s face light up. The residents there bring me joy and I know I do the same for them. I am not getting school credit for my time there because I do not need the credit, rather, I enjoy spending time with the residents."

Paige Freitag
Oxbow - Oxbow Prairie Horizons School


"I regularly volunteer whenever I am needed. I have grown up understanding that volunteering is what needs to be done in order for a community to function. I don’t look at volunteering as a chore, it is just a part of my life. I cannot imagine my life without helping people in every way I possibly can. I believe that this desire is why I volunteer. I truly would not be myself without doing it."

Taylor Rooney
Yellow Grass - Yellow Grass School


"Volunteering gives me joy. The more I give to others, the happier I feel. When volunteering, I have the opportunity to learn more about my community and ways I can make it better, even if it starts as something small. I have always loved the idea of giving back to people and by volunteering, this goal can be achieved."

Vaeinriche Montilla
La Ronge - Churchill High School


"Believing that volunteering is a vital key to making society more inclusive, I have engaged in several community activities, at my school and church. I have also dedicated my time to the community by volunteering in City Kidz, a Christian children’s ministry, and Love Lives Here, a ministry that serves by providing clothing, meals and compassion to those living in a disadvantaged neighbourhood in my city."

Yelyzaveta Bielaia
Regina - Harvest City Christian Academy