AccessSmart Wi-Fi gives you total coverage, control
and optimizes your Wi-Fi so you don't have to.

Total Coverage

Wi-Fi in every inch
Our state-of-the-art Hitron modem provides a robust,
reliable signal perfect for mid-size and smaller homes.
For larger homes or ones with unique layouts,
high-quality Wi-Fi extenders boost your signal for wall-to-wall



Take control.

Wi-Fi Management
Use the MyHitron app to manage, troubleshoot and edit your own network with just a few taps.

Secure your connection
Conveniently set up a seperate network for guests as well as block unwanted devices.

Control their screen time
Set up parental controls, pause internet access and set a
schedule for all connected devices.



Self Optimizing.

Fair Sharing
Certain devices—usually older ones—can use a greater share of the signal, leading to slower internet speeds for other people in the house. Smart Wi-Fi solves the problem by splitting the bandwidth between all devices.

Avoid the Wi-Fight
Once Smart Wi-Fi is installed in your home, it will optimize itself and automatically receive updates to make sure you're always getting the best Wi-Fi experience.

Great connection—near or far
Wireless frequencies can provide faster data rates at different distances. Band steering seamlessly moves your devices between frequencies, so you can keep using the best possible Wi-Fi connection no matter where you are in your home.

Less congestion
Smart Wi-Fi detects how many gadgets and devices are congesting a channel and automatically switches to a less congested one.

24/7 Support.
We'll take care of your gateway and extenders for you for as long as your subscribe to Smart Wi-Fi. Plus, our stellar customer care team is available to answer any questions you may have.

Manage your Wi-Fi with the smart Wi-Fi app.
Secure your Wi-Fi network and manage the connected devices in your home with the tap of your finger.

Smart Wi-Fi FAQ

How is Smart Wi-Fi different from basic Wi-Fi?

In many homes, Wi-Fi interference can be a big problem, leaving you with poor signal in certain rooms or areas. Smart Wi-Fi provides you with a state-of-the-art modem and access to the MyHitron App; but most importantly, optimization that will self-heal your network.

How is Smart Wi-Fi different from a mesh network?

Smart Wi-Fi offers more ways to hardwire the extenders to the network, providing a more reliable and stable connection including self-optimization.

How is Smart Wi-Fi different from other modems in the marketplace like Luma, Eero or Google Wi-Fi?

  • You don’t need a separate wireless router
  • You don’t have to do it yourself. Access technicians professionally install Smart Wi-Fi, performing a Wi-Fi signal strength assessment to optimize your connection and make sure all areas of poor signal are covered.
  • You’ll always have the latest hardware and software, and we’ll update the modem if it breaks or becomes obsolete.
  • You’ll have better troubleshooting options. While we don’t monitor what you do online, our Customer Care team has more visibility into what’s going on with your signal – from your modem and extenders to the internet connection coming into your home.

Can I subscribe to Smart Wi-Fi with any Access Internet service?

We recommend that you subscribe to AccessHyperSpeed 25 or higher. The MyHitron app only works when connected to your home Wi-Fi network.

Terms & Conditions

All rates exclude applicable taxes. 

Actual internet speeds may vary depending on your computer or mobile device’s capacity, the number of devices accessing the internet at once and web traffic. Speeds may also be impacted by third-party equipment, such as your computer or router. The app will only work when connected to a customer’s home network. Model type may vary and is subject to inventory levels. Product availability varies by community.