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12 Hour shift

October 2, 2020 Genre: Horror | Thriller
Synopsis: A desperate nurse working a double shift must hand over a kidney to a group of black market organ traders. Stars Angela Bettis & David Arquette.

Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo!

October 6, 2020 Genre: Family
Synopsis: Scooby-Doo and the gang team up with their pals, Bill Nye The Science Guy and Elvira Mistress of the Dark. Starring Frank Welker and Matthew Lillard.

The Secret Garden

October 6, 2020 Genre: Family | Drama
Synopsis: A young, recently-orphaned girl explores her new, seemingly-isolated surroundings, and its secrets. Starring Dixie Egerickx and Colin Firth.

the Doorman

October 9, 2020 Genre: Action | Thriller
Synopsis: A former Marine turned doorman must use her lethal fighting skills to stop a group of vicious art thieves. Starring Ruby Rose and Jean Reno.

Ben 10 Vs. the Universe: The Movie

October 27, 2020 Genre: Action | Family
Synopsis: When a blast from Ben's past - Vilgax - returns to do double the damage on Team Tennyson and planet Earth itself, Ben must go interstellar to save the day. Starring Tara Strong and Montse Hernandez.


November 3, 2020 Genre: Horror | Thriller
Synopsis: A successful author finds herself trapped in a horrifying reality and must uncover a mind-bending mystery. Starring Janelle Monae and Eric Lange.

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