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Available: July 21, 2020
Genre: Drama | Thriller
Synopsis: A Rasputin-like drifter searches the Wonderland of America's music scene for a legendary indie-rock band. Starring Savannah Welch and Rob Franco.

Guest Artist

Available: July 25, 2020
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A young man confronts the dreams of youth when he meets his hero, a bitter playwright. Starring Jeff Daniels and Thomas Macias.

Aliens Stole My Body

Available: August 4, 2020
Genre: Family | Science Fiction
Synopsis: Deputy Rod Allbright's body has been stolen by B'KR, the cruelest villain in the galaxy. Starring Ty Consiglio and Christian Convery.


Available: August 6, 2020
Genre: Comedy | Action
Synopsis: Mystery Inc. discover that Scooby's secret legacy could be the key to stopping a global 'dogpocalyse.' Stars Will Forte & Mark Wahlberg.

The Burnt Orange Heresy

Available: August 25, 2020
Genre: Drama | Thriller
Synopsis: Hired to steal a rare painting, an ambitious art dealer becomes consumed by his own greed as the operation spins out of control. Starring Claes Bang and Elizabeth Debicki.

The King of Staten Island

Available: August 25, 2020
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: Scott has achieved little besides smoking too much weed. But now he must take steps toward moving forward in life. Starring Pete Davidson and Marisa Tomei.

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Almost Love (HD)
Arkansas (HD)
Avenger Dogs 2 Wonder Dogs (HD)
Awoken (HD)
Batsh*t Bride (HD)
Bee Geniuses Bee-volution (HD)
Bit (HD)
Black Gloves, The (HD)
Bloodshot (HD)
Blue Story (HD)
Blumhouse's Fantasy Island (HD)
Bull (HD)
Celebrity Crush (HD)
Chameleon (HD)
Clover (HD)
Color of Medicine, The The Story of Homer G. Phillips Hospital (HD)
Control, The (HD)
Coven of Evil (HD)
Disappearance at Clifton Hill, The (HD)
Drive Me to the End (HD)
Fame-ish (HD)
Finding Eden (HD)
For We Are Many (HD)
Fox Force (HD)
From Business to Being (HD)
Greed (2020) (HD)
Gretel & Hansel (HD)
Haunted, The (HD)
Home Sweet Home (HD)
Horse Camp A Love Tail (HD)
I Still Believe (HD)
Interpreters (HD)
Intrigo Dear Agnes (HD)
Intrigo Samaria (HD)
Invisible Man, The (2020) (HD)
Islands, The (HD)
Justice League Dark Apokolips War (HD)
Lancaster Skies (HD)
Lazy Susan (HD)
Man in Camo (HD)
Painter and the Thief, The (HD)
Photograph, The (HD)
Plagiarists, The (HD)
Project Blue Book Exposed (HD)
Promare (HD)
Red Vs. Blue Singularity (HD)
Rise of the Footsoldier The Heist (HD)
Script of Life, The (HD)
Secret Garden, The (HD)
Spaceship Earth (HD)
Strange Negotiations (HD)
Swallow (HD)
Trip to Greece, The (HD)
Unborn, The (HD)
Valley Girl (2020) (HD)
We Need to Talk About A.I (HD)
Where We Begin (HD)

April 2020 Additions

2099 The Soldier Protocol (HD)
8 Slices (HD)
Agatha And the Truth of Murder (HD)
Agent Toby Barks (HD)
Alien Origins Beings of Light (HD)
Almost Love (HD)
Anastasia Once Upon a Time (HD)
Arctic Dogs (HD)
Bad Boys for Life (HD)
Banana Split (HD)
Behind You (HD)
Birds of Prey And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn (HD)
Blood Quantum (HD)
Brahms The Boy II (HD)
Call of the Wild, The (2020) (HD)
Cats (2019) (HD)
Cave Rescue (HD)
Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind Contact Has Begun (HD)
Dan Cummins Get Outta Here, Devil! (HD)
Death Valley Aliens (HD)
Dog's Courage, A (HD)
Dolittle (HD)
Doppel (HD)
Double Belgian (HD)
Downhill (HD)
Dreamkatcher (HD)
English Haunting, An (HD)
Extracurricular (HD)
Finding Grace (HD)
Foxtrot Six (HD)
Green Rush (HD)
Human Capital (HD)
Impractical Jokers The Movie (HD)
Inner City Rats (HD)
Kid From Coney Island, A (HD)
King's Gambit (HD)
Kings of Mulberry Street (HD)
Larry the Cable Guy Remain Seated (HD)
Last Full Measure, The (HD)
Like a Boss (HD)
Little Women (2019) (HD)
Maserati (HD)
Mortal Kombat Legends Scorpion's Revenge (HD)
Night Clerk, The (HD)
Only (HD)
Onward (HD)
Powerbomb (HD)
Ray & Liz (HD)
Rhythm Section, The (HD)
Romance in the Outfield Double Play (HD)
Room Full of Nothing, A (HD)
Run This Town (HD)
Sonic the Hedgehog (HD)
Soundwave (HD)
Source of Shadows, The (HD)
Thread of Deceit, A The Hart Family Tragedy (HD)
Turning, The (2020) (HD)
Underwater (HD)
Way Back, The (HD)
We Summon the Darkness (HD)
What You Gonna Do When the World's on Fire? (HD)
While I Breathe, I Hope (HD)
Yes They Are Controlling Our Minds (HD)

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