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Access Communications' dedicated sales and service team provides internet solutions for small, medium, or large businesses and organizations including national service providers. From small retail customers to remote rural customers to municipal and other government agencies, we have a full range of services to meet your unique needs.

Access Communications stepped up to the plate. They were genuine and willing to help us in any way that they could.
—Chief Tricia Sutherland, One Arrow First Nation

One Arrow First Nation

One Arrow First Nation, located 53 km SW of Prince Albert, chose AccessBusiness Rural Internet services to bring quality internet to about 160 homes. 

“The pandemic left us all disconnected. Not everybody had internet services available to them when the pandemic hit. We felt that the children, the elders, and everyone needed to be connected to their family and school,” said Chief Tricia Sutherland. 

Access Communications deployed a fixed-wireless system designed to bring services that are essential to connecting rural areas. 

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        Access will assign a Relationship Manager to work with your business. Some conditions apply. 
  Our team is local, working and living in the same communities you do.
We deliver modern, proven technology solutions that work.


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