More than just speed.

Experience fast, dependable internet with AccessInternet. Stream, game and stay connected to what you love as much as you want - we will not slow down your connection or charge you additional fees after a certain amount of data usage.

AccessSmart Wi-Fi+

Manage your network like an IT professional

AccessSmart Wi-Fi+ is our premium mesh Wi-Fi system that covers your home from wall-to-wall with super-strong Wi-Fi, keeps you in control, and protects your devices. Get coverage from backyard to basement with our adaptive, scalable Wi-Fi solution – simply plug in a pod to boost your signal, no cables required!

Product Highlights:
 Control your Wi-Fi from anywhere
 Enhanced parental controls for devices and individual persons
 Adaptive and proactive Wi-Fi for the best whole-home coverage
 Smart home protection and advanced cyber security features

Starting at $9.95/mth**

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Included with

Basic Wi‑Fi

Starting at

Smart Wi‑Fi

Starting at

Smart Wi‑Fi+

Wi-Fi connectivity
Automatic network optimizations

With adaptive and proactive cloud-based technology

See, manage, and control Wi-Fi

With HomePass by Plume   app

Parental controls 
Diagnose and test internet speeds
Guest access controls

With different levels of restriction

Customize user profiles and access
Intelligent protection against cyber-threats
Automatic ad blocking
IoT protection
Whole-home motion awareness
Total network activity views    
Advanced parental controls with pre-defined filters    
Cable-free mobile superpods  

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