Access Communications Children's Fund

The Access Communications Children's Fund is a registered charity that contributes funds and support to youth-based not-for-profit organizations and charities. The Children's Fund supports projects for children and youth in need or at risk in the many communities served by Access Communications Co-operative. This support is made possible through charitable donations from the public, profits from its weekly TV Bingo program as well as fundraising initiatives by Access staff members held throughout the year.

Access Communications believes that it's not enough to be in a community. We also want to be part of it. The Children’s Fund is just another way that Access Communications shows we care.

The Children’s Fund has donated over $2 million to various local children’s charities and non-profit organizations across Saskatchewan. Donations are granted to support projects that focus on education & literacy, health & wellness, pathways out of poverty, and crime prevention for children at risk and in need.

Application Deadlines

We recognize that many of the organizations that we are proud to support are dealing with the impact of the pandemic and provincial safety restrictions, including school/facility closures and program cancellations.

The Children’s Fund Board of Directors hopes, that as the province re-opens, these important programs may resume and we look forward to working with groups to support projects that focus on children at risk or in need.
Next deadline for applications: March 1, 2021.
We are monitoring the re-open plans and request that groups applying for funding include information regarding the incorporation of any and all applicable SHA protocols that may impact your program.

Application Form

Thank you for your interest in the Access Communications Children’s Fund. Before starting the application process, please review the funding criteria above.

You may apply by completing the online form at the link below.

Online Application Form

Contact the Children's Fund

Phone: 306-565-6642
Toll-free: 1-866-363-2225 ext. 6642
Online contact form

Donate Today

There are children in our communities who go to bed hungry. There are also many who cannot read, and even more whose health, security and well-being are below any reasonable standard of living. The phrase ‘We can and must do more’ has never seemed more appropriate, which is why the Children’s Fund needs your help.

By donating to our registered charity, you are doing more than just combating the worthy conditions many of our province’s children find themselves in – you are giving them a reason to smile.

Please, donate today! Send donations directly to the Access Communications Children's Fund or visit

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Access Communications Children’s Fund
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