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Outages and planned maintenance information

Check the latest outage, upgrades and maintenance information that may affect your services. If no outage is reported and you’re currently experiencing problems, please contact our technical support team at 1-866-363-2225 or report the outage below.

Please note: We update the reported outages section as quickly and accurately as possible, but some outages may not be posted. When there’s an outage, we do everything we can to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Report an outage

If you're currently experiencing service interruptions, submit an outage report and our agents will look into the problem.

Report an outage

Outage Status

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Outage FAQs

What causes an outage?

There are many possible reasons for an outage. The main ones include:

Cable cut – most often this happens when a company or person is digging and accidently cuts the underground cable that supplies service.  It can also be caused when the cable is damaged by fire, squirrels, and mice. Generally speaking, there are fewer outages in the winter months because the ground is frozen and there’s less excavation activity. A damaged cable can affect your individual service, your entire neighbourhood or surrounding area.

Fibre cut – this is usually a major outage that can cut the service out of entire sections of the province. All the causes are the same as a cable cut, the difference is how many people are affected.

Wet conditions – electronic equipment and water are never a good combination. These most often happen during spring melt off. If you see a cabinet (one of those green boxes) under water let us know.

Wear and tear – our electronic equipment is subject to the normal aging process and weather exposure. Sometimes there’s corrosion or faulty wiring that can cause an outage.

Aerial cable teardown – usually the result of heavy duty equipment hitting our overhead wires. This could affect an individual services or major cables similar to cable cuts.

How do we fix outages?

Depending on the nature of the damage, cable cuts/aerial teardowns have a double splice where a new piece of cable has to be spliced in. Repairs to fibre are more complex.

Electronic failures - modular cards and components have to be replaced when they are damaged physically from normal aging or accidental damage.