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Request a Channel

Learn more about channel and programming availability and how to request channels you’d like to see in your lineup. Availability depends on a number of factors, see below for more details.

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Why do I not get certain channels?

We are are constantly working to bring you the best and widest variety of channels possible. In some cases, certain factors such as licensing or contract agreements, popularity/demand and bandwidth prevent us from carrying particular channels. If a channel is available in your region but you're unable to access it, it may not be part of your TV package subscription.

When determining new channels to launch, we consider a variety of factors, including:

  • Licensing. A channel must be licensed for carriage in Canada in order to be considered. Many of our most popular channel requests, including the Hallmark Channel, TNT, and USA Network, are not licensed in Canada.
  • Cost. Some channels come with packaging requirements (both from regulations and the networks) that impact the cost of adding a channel. We strive to offer our customers the entertainment experiences they want at the best value and so we take these decisions very seriously.
  • Popularity/Demand. Channel requests, viewership ratings, and content uniqueness are all considered when looking at adding new services.

How can I add new channels?

Many channels can be individually added to your service, outside of a package or theme pack, to view available individual channels and their monthly cost download a channel brochure.

To add new channels to your subscription, call us at 1-866-363-2225.