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Careers at Access Communications

As one of Saskatchewan's Top Employers, we believe in making an important contribution to the cities and towns we serve and encourage our employees to follow suit. Find out why Access is a great place to work and how we can be your next career destination!  


Community Focused

Our awards and memberships

Our commitment to employment equity allow us to develop a workforce that truly reflects the diversity of backgrounds in our province. Here, our employees can grow and enjoy unique career and training opportunities, competitive compensation and benefits.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Access is dedicated to promoting employment equity, diversity, and inclusion both within our organization and among our valued customers. We believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace not only embodies the principles of equal opportunity but also acts as a catalyst for innovation, creativity, and overall success.

Our commitment extends beyond our employees; it includes ensuring that our customers also experience a diverse and inclusive environment when engaging with Access. We are dedicated to creating a workplace and customer interactions that empower everyone to thrive.

By fostering employment equity, diversity, and inclusion, we aim to cultivate an environment where innovation thrives and our collective potential is fully realized. This commitment is at the core of our values and is integral to our success as an organization.