Our People

Our employees make the difference and are a shining example of a successful community-owned co-operative. We take pride in our commitment to Employment Equity through the development of a workforce that reflects the communities we serve, and that means providing our staff with a safe, ethical, healthy, and friendly environment where our employees can learn, grow, and thrive, both personally and professionally.

She's all about you

Meet our CEO

"I love coming to work every day because of the people, projects, communities we support, and the industry we work in. It's so unique." 

Carmela, President & CEO

         We're all about Caitlin

"I started at Access in 2013 as a Graphic Designer. Since then, I have been a Marketing Coordinator, a Digital Marketing Consultant, and now my title is Residential Sales Manager, plus, I had a maternity leave in between! There is always an opportunity for growth at Access and being able to develop my skills and work on a range of projects lets my creativity flow!" 

            Caitlin, Residential Sales Manager

We're all about Alison

"I joined Access in 2021 doing contract work for a few months and then I got hired full time as a Senior Accountant. I really enjoy working here. Not only do I like my role but the relationship I have with my coworkers is amazing. We are always willing to help each other out and being involved in The Children's Fund is very important to me." 

Alison, Senior Accountant 

We're all about Corbin

"I love working for Access for several reasons; the company's welcoming and inclusive culture, our commitment to innovation, and the dedication to work-life balance. Having started working here in 2021, I've been able to progress to a new role due to the ample opportunities for personal development and learning the company provides." 

             Corbin, Technical Support Rep - Tier 2

We're all about Todd

“In the 18 years I’ve worked at Access, I’ve gone through a lot of positive changes. I started working as an independent contractor, then a Lead Hand and now my current position as a Supervisor of Service and Installations. The focus our company has put into training and safety is unparalleled. I enjoy working for a company that provides a safe and employee oriented workspace."

Todd, Supervisor

We're all about Andrea

"I have been a part of the Access Customer Care team since 2020. I originally started in the Regina office but ended up relocating to Saskatoon and was able to make a smooth transition to the office there. I love the rapport I have with my team and I have learned a lot in the three years since I started. Access has proven to be flexible, understanding, and lends ongoing support to their employees."

              Andrea, Customer Support Rep

We're all about Sheryll

“I joined in 2018 in the Saskatoon Customer Care department. Feeling supported by my team and company significantly contributes to my job satisfaction and overall well-being. It's so rewarding to work for a company that prioritizes caring for its employees, customers, and community." 

             Sheryll, Customer Support Rep

We're all about Jeff

"I started at Access eight years ago as a member of the door-to-door sales department. Shortly after, I became a broadband technician. Working with customers every day and making them happy with the great service and products that Access had to offer is what I enjoy the most. The collaboration among all the different departments and people within Access is unmatched. I know that we are making the customers and communities we service much happier in the end."

             Jeff, Broadband Technician

We're all about Ben

“I started in out as a technician in the Saskatoon area in 2016. I moved to Regina a year later and was able to transition to working there. I love Access' dedication to providing the best in customer service and reliable Wi-Fi. They are not only customer focused but employee and community focused too." 

           Ben, Broadband Technician 

We're all about Chris

"My journey with Access started in 2015 when I volunteered as a community producer, turned host, for the AccessNow TV show RezX. Since then, I was hired as an associate producer for AccessNow TV. I love the connection Access has to the community and how we take great pride in knowing we are giving back through our programming. Being able to produce Indigenous content and provide an important voice for Access is at the heart of what I do. Working for a company that is family friendly and compassionate is vital." 

              Chris, Associate Producer

We're all about Adriana

"Working at Access for the last thirteen years has allowed me to be involved in many of the company's projects and launches over the years. I started out as administrative assistant for Marketing. Now I lead all internal and external events the company is involved in, the largest being our Labour Day Show N Shine in support of the Regina Food Bank. Working for a not-for-profit cooperative and being involved in helping our community brings me great joy." 

               Adriana, Event Coordinator