Funding Criteria

Access Communications Children’s Fund is a registered charity that contributes support to youth-based, not-for-profit organizations and charities in Saskatchewan.

While the Children’s Fund appreciates the countless programs that benefit children in general in Saskatchewan, the Fund focuses its funding solely on projects in communities served by Access Communications Co-operative that are directed to children at risk or in need.

The Children's Fund does not support funding to the following:

  • Individuals; or initiatives for youth over the age of 18
  • Fundraisers, public events
  • Research, scholarships, loans, endowments
  • For-profit organizations; political organizations
  • Organizations offering services that are exclusive in nature
  • Salaries, utilities, building maintenance and other organizational operating expenses; goodwill advertising or printing
  • Child daycare centres

Applications may be submitted throughout the year for consideration by the Fund’s Board of Directors. Applications are reviewed a minimum of four times annually. Please ensure your application is received well in advance of the start of your project or program.

Thank you for your interest in the Access Communications Children’s Fund.

Before completing the application form, please review our funding criteria and check if your project is eligible for funding.

  My organization is in a community served by Access Communications.

  My organization is a registered non-profit, charitable organization or a school.

  This funding request is specifically directed to children at risk or in need (rather than the general youth population).

  This funding request does not include direct expenses for salaries, facility costs, advertising or promotion.

  My organization's project has not received funding from the Children's Fund in the past 12 months.

If you have questions about whether your project is eligible, we encourage you to contact us prior to completing the form below.

Children's Fund Application
1. Date of application
2. Organization information
3. Contact person information
4. Incorporation information (Note: the Children's Fund only provides funding to registered non-profit or charitable organizations)
5. Main objective of organization (please provide a brief overview)
6. Project or event information
7. Additional information
Is there anything else we should know about this project or organization that will help the Children’s Fund make its decision? Please tell us anything that may not have fit into the above questions.