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Dependable Rural Internet for Business

Rural wireless internet solutions with unlimited data for businesses and organizations in rural Saskatchewan.

Rural connectivity with unlimited data

AccessBusiness Rural Internet is the ideal solution for businesses located in small towns or rural areas that can’t access traditional broadband cable or fibre internet service. We bring the internet to you via an outdoor antenna affixed to your business to communicate with our wireless equipment.

Need a custom point to multi-point solution? Ask us about the agile custom configurations we’ve built for our customers.

Support mission-critical applications with a symmetrical high-performance service and more constant speeds, backed by UPS emergency backup and an experienced technical support team.

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Internet in 3 easy steps

1. Survey

Our installers complete a site survey to ensure there is good signal at your location. If results are good, a fixed-wireless antenna is installed on the outside of your business.

2. Install
Your fixed-wireless antenna is connected to a power supply located inside your business via an outdoor-rated Ethernet cable.

3. Connect
Your antenna is fine-tuned and set to ensure the strongest signal. We will test your connection and you are ready to enjoy great Internet!

Business Rural Internet Packages

All packages include:

  Unlimited data      10 email addresses

Rural HyperSpeed 50

Connect multiple users with higher bandwidth needs.

50 Mbps download | 10 Mbps upload


Rural HyperSpeed 25

Stream audio and video files and share content with ease.

25 Mbps download | 3 Mbps upload


Rural HyperSpeed 10

Handle your daily tasks with ease and connect more devices.

10 Mbps download | 2 Mbps upload



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Not available in all areas. Check our coverage map for availability.

Coverage Map

Enter your location below or explore the map to find out if AccessRural Internet service is available at your location.

Map Legend:

 up to 50 Mbps      up to 25 Mbps      up to 5 to 10 Mbps

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Access is a genuine partner in our community.
—Chief Tricia Sutherland, One Arrow First Nation

One Arrow First Nation

One Arrow First Nation, located 53 km SW of Prince Albert, chose AccessBusiness Rural Internet services to bring quality internet to about 160 homes. 

“The pandemic left us all disconnected. Not everybody had internet services available to them when the pandemic hit. We felt that the children, the elders, and everyone needed to be connected to their family and school,” said Chief Tricia Sutherland. 

Access Communications deployed a fixed-wireless system designed to bring services that are essential to connecting rural areas. Chief Tricia Sutherland was pleased with the service saying, “Access Communications stepped up to the plate. They were genuine and willing to help us in any way that they could.” 

How will your business benefit?

  Never worry about your data usage.

We do not cap your internet usage, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of unlimited data and never have to worry about unexpected charges.    

  Enjoy a reliable connection.

Operating in a small town does not mean you have to sacrifice internet quality.    

  Increase productivity.

Our download speeds of up to 25 Mbps allow you to stream videos and quickly download presentations and business software.

Why Choose Access?

        Access will assign a Relationship Manager to work with your business. Some conditions apply. 
  Our team is local, working and living in the same communities you do.
We deliver modern, proven technology solutions that work.


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