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2022 Access Communications Doug Alexander Scholarship Recipients

Zaye Andreas, Martensville

I volunteer because it has a significant impact on my school and community, no matter how big or small the contribution may be. Everyone should have a fair chance at success, so giving to the less fortunate is especially important to me.

Madeline Bray, Abernethy

Volunteering is a big part of small town living. Without it, many activities just wouldn't happen. All it takes is that one person's ideas to bring a club or team back to life again!

Jaspyn Campbell, Yorkton

Volunteering throughout my life has given me experiences and knowledge that I would not have been able to enjoy. I have learned a lot from being a volunteer. I became familiar with community organizations and their purposes. I have a greater understanding of volunteering and its importance.

Karlee Dorey, Regina

I think volunteering is one of the best ways to set an example for younger genertions. I hope to provide a positive example for kids so that they feel that they are part of an inclusive community and that their voices will be heard.

Jonathan Fetsch, Yorkton

I have been involved with the education of young children and this time spent as a volunteer has given me a nice sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. I've enjoyed my time volunteering with youth and saw the real imporance of just being there for them.

Corina Fritz, Rosetown

I volunteer and do the most I can around the community because I love being able to work with different people and get to know everyone's different personalities. I enjoy being able to make someone's day better or getting them to smile.

Kaelin Hardy, Watrous

I strive to be a positive role model and active member of both my school and my community. Giving back to both my school and community an making a difference for students and community members has been very gratifying.

Caiden Hendry, Nokomis

Growing up in a small town, I am very aware of the impact that volunteering has and what it can do for a community. From a young age, I as aware that many of the activities I was involved in were made possible by the volunteers.

Mikayla Herter, Fox Valley

I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way to support the communities that have shaped me into who I am today. I love spending time with people and sharing my passions with children who look up to me.

Lindsay Johnson, Lampman

I volunteer because I love to give back to the community that has given so much to me. There are many organizations in our town that run entirely off of volunteers and that is only made possible because of our community members. I am proud that I am actively involved and have a positive impact on my home town.

Megan Kelly, Rocanville

The main reason why I volunteer is the joy experience when helping people. I love working with seniors and kids and volunteering my time in a way that grows me as a person and allows me to share my talent of music with others.

Abigayle Kirzinger, Viscount

Growing up in a small community taught me that everyone needs to be involved. That is why I am part of numerous activites - to have fun, keep programs going and provide younger generations with the opportunities I had. In my community, I continuously give back to the people and organizations that gave so much to me.

Emily McCreery, Regina

I want to be a person that is concerned for others and who continues to respond when they see injustice. I see volunteering as a way to personally give back to my community and the different needs around me.

Raivyn Millions, Oxbow

I enjoy volunteering because it creates a sense of pride in who I am and where I come from. Volunteering has allowed me to meet new people while also assisting others. It has also allowed for the progression of my people skills which will have a great benefit on my future.

Reina Murphy, Wapella

Developing relationships with the kids I have volunteered with in our community and being a role model for them is something that I feel is important, as I aspire to be like some of the role models I have had growing up.

Hunter Paranuik, Avonlea

Everyone in this community is so welcoming and helpful, it only made sense that as I grew up I gave back to my community and volunteered in as many ways as I could. I hope that my volunteering can make a positive impact on my community and maybe even encourage other young kids to get themselves out there and volunteer in the community. 

Sung Park, Regina

Life is a fast-paced world, and I want to spend every single day to its fullest potential. Hence, I work to achieve my aspirations. I recognize my community work as an action that must be taken by the future of this generation.

Cadence Tucker, Lashburn

I volunteer because it is one of the best feelings in the world, to know that you helped someone, put a smile on their face, or made their day a little better. It felt so good knowing how many people would have a full belly from that small amount of work we did.

Elliott Wagner, Balgonie

I have been involved in different opportunities at school and through my church. Volunteering with children's ministries as a leader, actor and a puppeteer has been a way I have been able to serve the Lord.

Wilson Williams, Regina

My volunteer efforts have reciprocal benefits as supporting the well-being of others provides me with purpose, networking, new skill acquisition, and gratifying experiences.

2022 University of Regina Recipients

Calli Lubiens

Entrance Scholarship

I had always dreamed of studying something where I could express myself creatively. To many people, studying film seems bizarre, but being awarded the Fred Wagman Scholarship in Film and Video by Access Communications showed me that there were people out there that believed in me and wanted to support my dreams.

Micaela Gayle Mallari

Entrance Scholarship

The Access Communications Scholarship allowed me to continue my studies and gave me the support I needed for some of the financial problems that I have as someone first studying at the university. The scholarship really supported me in ways I could have never imagined and it helped me to realize the path I am currently in, is the one for met, as well as ensuring that this path I had chosen, since the beginning of my journey as a growing child with strong imagination, will make my dreams come true. Due to this opportunity, I am really grateful for all of the support it has given me.

Giovana Cruz

Film Scholarship

Receiving the Access Communication Scholarship was extremely important to me. As an international student, paying my fees is never easy. With this scholarship, my financial burden was alleviated for the semester and I could focus better on my classes. This scholarship meant a lot to me because I felt like my efforts were being recognized. It made me feel valued and incentivised me to continue giving my best in my final year of university.

2022 Saskatchewan Polytechnic Recipients

Isaiah Hunter

Computer Automated Systems Tech
Sask Polytechnic, Regina

This scholarship has meant so much to me. It has helped take the financial burdens off while I have been schooling to commit fully to my studies for a future in the technician industry. I really appreciate everything Access has done for me with that and with our community in Regina in general.