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Thank you for providing your feedback - and for helping us serve you better

Better internet, better Wi-Fi, better experience!

Better internet, better Wi-Fi, better experience!


We know the need for connectivity throughout your home is stronger than ever, and Access has your exceptional internet experience covered; Whether you are watching TV in the living room, playing video games in your bedroom, or are baking up a storm in the kitchen.

With AccessHyperSpeed+ you’ll get the fastest download speeds (250 Mbps or higher, with up to 1 Gig in some communities!), seamless streaming, unlimited data, and two AccessSmart Wi-Fi+ pods all for a great low price. It should be noted that most people utilize download speeds (watching videos, listening to music, playing video games) far more than upload speeds (sharing or posting videos, photos, and files). To give you that fast viewing experience, we pair super-fast download speeds with reliable Wi-Fi for your enjoyment!

Working from home? If your modem is not in your home office, our AccessSmart Wi-Fi+ pods can give you the added burst of signal strength you need. Reliable video conferencing, downloading large files, and listening to music on your favourite streaming platform while working; All seamlessly faster with AccessSmart Wi-Fi+!

Here are some fast facts about AccessSmart Wi-Fi+:

  • It's SMART. AccessSmart Wi-Fi+ is built for speed! Experience fast, reliable, and consistent Internet throughout your home, with an adaptive mesh Wi-Fi system. Unlike other mesh network systems, AccessSmart Wi-Fi+ continuously learns about your needs and performs advanced self-optimizations, allocating capacity to devices that need it most.
  • It's SAFE. Use the HomePass by Plume app to set parental controls, limit guest access, schedule Internet freezes, and more. AccessSmart Wi-Fi+ filters out suspicious content, monitors devices, and even blocks ad content, improving your browsing experience.
  • It's CONVENIENT. Heading into the garage or basement to exercise or work on projects, but the signal isn't usually good there? Grab a pod and plug it in to boost the signal wherever you are at home. No messy cables are required; just plug the pod into the outlet.

For more details on how to get set up with AccessHyperSpeed+ and AccessSmart Wi-Fi+, click the links below to learn more and sign up.

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