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Dude, Where's My Wi-Fi?

Dude, Where's My Wi-Fi?


Gone are the days when speed was everything when it comes to your internet connection. If we think about the internet only based on speed, we're missing other things that impact your experience, like Wi-Fi dead zones. 

That's why we launched our AccessHyperSpeed+ service. You'll get the super-fast download speeds you expect and wall-to-wall coverage with the best Wi-Fi in the province to say good-bye to those frustrating moments of Wi-Fi dropping in and out.

Interested in getting a better signal? Keep reading!

What's a dead zone?

Talk and walk in your house or apartment much? Ever notice that certain areas in your home have terrible signal strength? Wi-Fi dead zones are areas in your home (or garage or yard) that get little to no Wi-Fi signals. This may be due to thick concrete walls, bulky metal furniture, or other devices that interfere with the radio frequency, including baby monitors, microwaves, security systems, other Wi-Fi devices (especially for apartments/condos), and more.

Where's my dead zone?

To find out where your dead zones might be, walk around your place with your smartphone and connect to the Wi-Fi. As you slowly make your way around, keep a close eye on the Wi-Fi signal indicator. If the signal drops to barely anything or nothing at all, you've found the dead zone!

What's the solution?

The good news is that this is able to troubleshoot and fix. Here's how:

Move it: Is your modem hidden behind a bulky metal filing cabinet on the floor or banished to the basement? Don't hide that beautiful piece of equipment. Place it on top of a bookshelf, or somewhere it's slightly out of the way but still visible to help with stronger signal strength.

Change it: Have you tried changing the channel? No, not on your TV, on your modem! Your modem will likely have 2.5GHz and 5GHz channels. The 5GHz channel is often used less than the 2.5GHz channel, so try manually switching to the 5GHz to see if you get a stronger signal. You can also play around with different channels via Wi-Fi analyzer tools, which can detect the least congested channels available in your area.

Boost it: Look into external devices, like a Wi-Fi repeater (amplifies the signal) or an extender (rebroadcasts signals to areas that the router has trouble reaching). These devices boost your Wi-Fi signal evenly throughout your home.

Upgrade it: If you find your home a busy place with multiple users online at once, consider upgrading to AccessSmart Wi-Fi+ or one of our AccessHyperSpeed+ packages. You'll get a seamless Wi-Fi signal every time—and in every nook and cranny of your home.

AccessHyperSpeed+ includes up to 2 AccessSmart Wi-Fi+ pods with your internet service. You can always rent or buy additional pods for only $5 per month if needed.

If you're interested in signing up, click the links below to learn more and find out the AccessHyperSpeed+ packages available in your community: