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TV Bingo Frequently Asked Questions

Who can play Access TV Bingo?

Access TV Bingo is only available to Access Communications television viewers. Games are aired on AccessNow TV each Saturday at 5:00 pm. To win, players must be 16 years of age or older. 

Who benefits from Children's Fund TV Bingo?

TV Bingo is produced by the Access Communications Children's Fund. The Children's Fund is a registered charity that provides financial assistance to needy and under-privileged children and youth in communities served by Access Communications Co-operative. For more information about the Fund, call 306-565-6642 or Email

How do I get more information about TV Bingo?

For more information, call 306-565-5378 or toll free 1-877-889-8860 or Email 

How much do the bingo cards cost?

$12.00 each for a 6-up 4-page book. Payment can be made only by cash or debit cards (no credit card/cheque payments permitted by the SLGA). 

How many games are there and how much can I win?

There are 13 games each night: 4 games at $200, 4 games at $300, 4 games at $500 and 1 game with a $1,000 prize. A total of over $5,000 - $10,000 will be won each week in our prizeboard. 

How fast are the numbers called?

The numbers will be called 12 seconds apart and there will be a flashboard present onscreen throughout each game. 

How much time do I have to call in and confirm that I have a bingo?

The information on each TV Bingo card is stored by computer including the serial number, game pattern and page color. Viewers will be notified when it is determined there is a possible bingo. The Bingo Caller will wait up to 60 seconds for the potential winner to phone in before the next number is called. 

How do i get my money when I win?

More details will be given to you about this when you win. No TV Bingo retail outlet will give out prize money under any circumstances.