Earth Week Recycling

This Earth Week, Access Communications Co-operative (Access) and the Better Business Bureau are encouraging residents of Saskatchewan to address an insidious form of environmental harm. E-waste continues to grow at a rapid pace in Canada, as electronics become more commonplace. Yet few people know how to dispose of them safely. And this has created a problem. 

Electronic waste is known to put toxic chemicals in our soil, water supply and ecosystem. They also contribute to air pollution. These all can have negative effects on human, animal and earth health.  

The World Health Organization has found e-waste to be the fastest growing solid waste stream in the world. In Canada alone, e-waste generation has gone up from 8.3 kilograms per person to 25.3 per person, according to a 2023 study by the University of Waterloo.

In an effort to slow the tide and protect communities from adverse health effects, Access Communications and the Better Business Bureau are encouraging residents in Regina, Weyburn, Estevan, Yorkton, North Battleford and Saskatoon to drop off their old or unwanted electronics. This initiative will run during Earth Week (April 22-28), but residents can turn to their local Access Communications for help recycling their electronics all year round. 

“Technology changes so fast rendering our devices obsolete before we know it,” said Carmela Haines, President & CEO of Access. “We’re pleased to be able to work with the Better Business Bureau to promote the safe recycling of electronics.  We hope everyone will take advantage of the opportunity by dropping off their E-waste at our retail locations.” 

It's as easy as visiting the closest Access Communications office during business hours to drop off electronics, which will then be recycled in an earth-friendly way for free. Access Communications has partnered with Crown Shred to recycle and repurpose the electronics. 

Materials accepted range from computers to CD players and keyboards. The full list of items can be found below. 

Last year, this initiative saved 2.28 tonnes of materials from going to the landfill, and the organizations would love to see even more diverted this year. 

Accepted materials:
•    Computers & laptops
•    TVs & monitors
•    Stereo systems & DVD/CD players
•    Speakers & docking systems
•    Car audio systems & speakers
•    Keyboards & mice
•    Gaming systems & controllers
•    Landline telephones
•    Satellite dishes
•    Projectors, printers & scanners
•    GPS units
•    Photocopiers
•    E-book readers
•    Countertop Microwaves
•    Portable music players
•    Cameras & video cameras

Media Contact:

Mark Rathwell
Corporate Communications Manager
Access Communications Co-operative
Phone: 306.559.2401

For customer service, products, and services please call  1-866-363-2225.