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Your Home Channel

Perfect for Realtors! Your Home Channel is a key tool for house hunters or home owners who are renovating their existing home. It includes vital details and clear, colourful photos of houses for sale, home improvement ads and is enhanced with home related tips. Your Home Channel will quickly make you a household name. Costs are low, the viewers are qualified and, best of all, Your Home Channel is a convenient way to get your message heard!  

That’s money in your pocket!  

Benefits of using Your Home Channel

  • Lets your customer know you are working for them
  • Ads make up approximately 70% of the screen
  • Available in Regina & surrounding area
  • Weather – Viewers turn to this channel for quick local and international weather updates
  • Combo pricing - Advertise with better reach, frequency & affordability
  • Up-to-date content    

What you'll get

  • Highly cost-effective medium
  • Targeted audience - viewers are house hunters, home owners
  • Quick turn around & quality designed ads
  • 90% of Access viewers know of Channel 9
  • Available in over 4,000 hotel rooms  

Who you'll reach

  • Potential audience of over 137,000 viewers every day1
  • 64.8% of Access Channel 9 viewers watch two or more days a week2
  • 27% Access Channel 9 viewers earn $60,000 – $90,000 annually2
  • 30.5% of Access Channel 9 viewers earn over $90,000 annually2  


1 – Based on Arcas Direct Viewership Survey
2 – Sigma Analytics Viewership Survey Fall

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Access will assign a Relationship Manager to work with your business.

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We deliver modern, proven technology solutions that work.

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