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One Arrow First Nation

One Arrow First Nation


Tricia Sutherland, Chief of the One Arrow First Nation, is responsible for the well-being of her community. Located smack-dab in the middle of Saskatchewan, One Arrow strives to be community-oriented – taking care of one another through prayer, ceremony, feasts, nutrition programs. When the pandemic hit, they could not get together like they normally do, and in-person schooling ceased. They needed support to properly distance themselves. 

“The pandemic left us all disconnected. Not everybody had internet services available to them when the pandemic hit. We felt that the children, the elders, and everyone needed to be connected to their family and school,” said Chief Sutherland. 

The schools were hit the hardest. Students were no longer physically present and suddenly did not have a connection or social interaction with their friends, teachers, school support staff, nutritionists, and mental health therapists. 

Enter Access Communications. We provided AccessBusiness Rural Internet services to their community, keeping them connected while being apart. Access Communications deployed a fixed-wireless system designed to bring services that are essential to connecting rural areas. The connection comes from a local wireless tower to a fixed antenna on each home. Chief Sutherland was pleased with the service saying, “Access Communications stepped up to the plate. They were genuine and willing to help us in any way that they could.”

Now the school utilizes online virtual meetings and classroom tools to stay connected and learn together. The community can safely connect with their elders and each other via virtual communication platforms. Chief Sutherland has found the services to be beneficial to her job as well. She can partake in multiple meetings without traveling and do so safely from her home while spending more time with her family and grandson. 

“My seven-year-old grandson is in grade one. He’s eager to go to class on the computer to see his friends, to see his teacher, and to see his teacher’s aid. He’d rush downstairs just to see everyone via their virtual classroom.”

Whether you need internet services for your community, business, school, or family, Access Communications can safely keep you connected to the people in your circle. Find out how at myaccess.ca/access-business