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Understanding Your First Bill

Learn how to read your bill from Access Communications and some of the common terms used to describe items on your invoices.

Charges on your first bill

Don’t be surprised by the amount on your first monthly bill.

  • Your bill includes prorated charges from your connection date to your billing date, charges for the current month, plus the next full month in advance.
  • You will also see prorated charges on your bill anytime you make changes to your package.
  • Your billing date is either the 1st or 15th of the month, depending on the date your services were connected.
  • Future bills will better reflect your actual monthly charges.

For example: If your service was connected on July 20, your first bill would be sent on August 1. It would include charges for July 20 – July 31 (the prorated charges), August 1 – 31 (the current month) and September 1 – 30 (the month in advance).

Your Access bill at a glance

The summary page of your Access bill provides key details regarding your account right on the first page:

  1. Service Address: The billing address of your service.
  2. Billing Period: Period for which you are billed for services.
  3. Your Account Number: The unique number associated with your Access account.
  4. Invoice Date: Date your bill was issued.
  5. Billing Frequency: Description of how often you are billed for services.
  6. Balance from Previous Statement: Account balance on your previous bill.
  7. Balance: Account balance on your previous bill minus payments on your account before the current bill. If you have made changes to your service since your last bill, these changes will be reflected under the current charges section.
  8. Current Charges: Charges incurred for your current bill period. Including any changes to your service since your last bill.
  9. Total Amount Due & Due Date: The total amount due is a combination of your current charges and any outstanding balance. Any payments made after the current invoice date will not be reflected in the Total Amount Due. The date your payment should be received by to avoid late payment fees.
  10. Bill Messages: Information about important updates to your services

The additional pages within your Access bill provide more detailed information around the services you subscribe to.

Switch to E-Bill for added peace of mind

E-Bill is a simple, fast and secure way to get your Access bill. We’ll send you an email alert to let you know when your bill is ready to review, and you can access your billing history at any time. 

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