A better email experience.

We are excited to announce we are upgrading the Rural Internet webmail client to the new AccessMail interface on February 18, complete with improved features and enhanced spam protection.

Your existing contacts, emails, and calendar entries will not be changed. AccessMail includes all the great features of your existing webmail client in a more modern display that makes it easy to send emails, manage contacts, organize important events, and more.

You can continue to use your existing email address, but you will also get a myaccess.ca email address that matches your current email username. For example, if your email is user@littleloon.ca, you will now also be able to use user@myaccess.ca too.

What's changing?

New log in page: if you use the webmail client, you will just need to click on the Webmail button on the myaccess.ca homepage and enter your existing credentials on the next page. Your username will be the first part of your email address before @myaccess.ca.

New inbox makes using webmail a breeze: view your mailbox, compose emails, and  manage folders on the same page.

New address book interface: find it under the Contacts tab.

To read the new user guide, click here.